AyusVeda understands that COVID-19 outbreak updates are changing every day, so considering our given situation, we are currently NOT offering classes or workshops right now, until the COVID-19 restriction changes.

AyusVeda workshop details

At AyusVeda we offer Ayurvedic cooking classes and natural skin care workshops in the Metro Vancouver area. Classes are mainly held in 1hr 30min to 2hr 30min sessions in small group settings. We also hold occasional collaboration workshops that incorporate yoga and aroma oils. Cooking class fees range between $40-60; Skin care workshops are between $25-50; and collaboration workshops are between $40-60.

Why AyusVeda?

The reason why AyusVeda workshops are held in small groups is that it is essential to face, connect and share Sattvic time with each and every one of us. Also, even if you are not familiar with Ayurveda, we set various themes for our workshops so you can easily incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda into your life that strikes a chord with you.

We welcome you to our workshops

The latest information for our workshops is announced on our Instagram. Our class styles are freely customizable to our participantโ€™s wishes. We always welcome new ideas for collaboration, remote workshops and such. Please feel free to contact us.

Past Workshops

Ayurveda Cooking

Homemade Skin Care

New Moon Detox with Aroma Oil

Activate Body with Yoga